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Every four years the Olympics command our nation’s attention like no other event – sports in its purest form. No huge salaries, no contract negotiations, no lock-outs, and no gender exclusivity. However, the Olympics are simply the finish line of an athlete’s lifetime of preparation, the race began years ago…

During the 206 weeks between Olympiads the lives of 15 million young Americans, and those who support them, are dedicated to their respective sports.  What might surprise most is that these 15 million potential Olympians outnumber the young athletes who partake in the big three U.S. sports (Football, Basketball, and Baseball).

With limited scholarships opportunities, physical restrictions, and the rise of injuries plaguing the “Big Three”, more parents have begun placing their children in Soccer, Gymnastics, Volleyball, Track & Field, Tennis, Water Polo, Golf, and Swimming.

Advanced Sports Media Group (ASM Group) is the hub of these Olympic sports by providing high-quality content and services to the college and high school aged athletes, parents, administrators, and fans.  Our portfolio of trusted brands helps businesses connect with extremely passionate audiences through customized marketing solutions.

Advanced Sports Media Group is the destination for Olympic sports in the United States from start to finish.


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