Silence is not a solution, or an appropriate response, to the racism and discrimination still present in our world.

Advanced Sports Media (parent company of TopDrawerSoccer, PrepVolleyball, The Open Mat, and National Pickleball) has always been committed to growing our sports from the grassroots to the professional level, and advancement does not happen without facing hard realities.

Sports are built on the same pillars as excellent storytelling, with diverse backgrounds and different perspectives all needing a voice and expression, as they bring together people from around the globe on a massive scale. We need to be better at sharing those stories and shining the light on the coaches, players, and role models that have grown the game and built their communities. 

We want to be the ones assisting and celebrating those from different backgrounds and walks of life on their path forward in their athletic career, and pledge to use our platform to advance this goal through the following action steps:

  • Representation: Show more athletes and coaches of color in high profile places such as our homepage and social media channels.
  • Inclusion: Seek out more voices of color for editorial coverage.
  • Promotion: Feature organizations (leagues, clubs, teams, non-profits, etc.) that are dedicated to working with athletes of color and/or are outside the traditional youth sports power structure and media focus.
  • Self-Awareness: Pay attention to the language we use to ensure that physical abilities are not the only traits ascribed to athletes of color.

Like any season, this will be a process. We are committed to working together, holding each other accountable, and using our platform to do better.

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