Advanced Sports Media Group (“ASM”), is pleased to have successfully secured title sponsorship for several California pickleball tournaments in 2019 and 2020 to support its goal of promoting, developing, and growing the sport of pickleball.

With the sponsorship support of leading healthcare providers in California, ASM and its National Pickleball vertical enabled tournaments to enhance their event with increased onsite, online, and social exposure.

“ASM strives to grow, develop, and support all our sport verticals through quality content and sponsorships. We are delighted to provide pickleball tournaments sales and marketing resources so that they continue to flourish and feed the fastest growing sport in America,” stated Seth Burleigh, ASM COO. “We look forward to expanding our sponsorship program to additional markets and helping this sport thrive,” Burleigh explained.

In addition to securing sponsorship for tournaments, Advanced Sports Media and National Pickleball own and operate a series of pickleball tournaments including the West Coast Classic, San Fernando Valley Classic, Central Valley Classic, and California Open.

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