Fastpitch News (“FPN”), a member of Advanced Sports Media Group (“ASM”), is excited to align with AthPro360’s advanced player testing metrics, predictive placement, and player development platform to create the nationwide expansion of athletic identification standards.

Initially, FPN will integrate AthPro360’s objective data, gathered through first-class nationwide testing, ID camps, and showcase events, into its Top Prospect player rankingsSuper 60 national team rankings, player leaderboards, and featured content.

“ASM strives to grow, develop, and support all our sport verticals. We are excited to align with AthPro360 to improve upon the nationwide athlete identification process and standards,” said ASM COO Seth Burleigh. “AthPro360 has established themselves as a leader in player identification. Combined with FPN’s content analysis and events expertise, we can now offer the highest level of insight to athletes. Furthermore, we will also provide college programs an industry-leading solution to the challenges faced with changes in the recruiting rules by providing credible data and objective evaluations on prospective athletes.”

“AthPro360 has become the standard in athletic and skill evaluations. We are excited about this incredible opportunity to work alongside FPN to educate players, coaches, and parents about using the measurables for development and college opportunities,” said AthPro360 CEO, Bob Surane.

FPN and AthPro360 also plan to develop skills-based “futures” events to showcase younger athletes who have not yet started the recruiting process.

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