In 2016 the U.S. Olympic Committee will feature an all-time high of thirty-two sports and in 2013 the NCAA will offer an all-time high of 28 scholarship sports.  While reasons for this increase are numerous (Title IX, changing U.S. demographics, rise in injuries, steroid abuse, increased salaries and sponsorship opportunities, etc.), the result is singular…

Sports in the U.S. are increasingly diversified.

It’s not a three horse race anymore.  Currently, over fifteen million young competitive athletes are playing Olympic sports in the United States, more than the “Big Three” (Football, Basketball and Baseball) combined.  These athletes and their dedicated supporters have a rabid interest in their sports, but major media outlets continue to neglect them, or push coverage to back page news.

Our goal is to shine that spotlight on these Olympic Sports by providing in-depth, trusted online destinations for the passionate athletes (both past and present) and their supportive fans to follow the sports they love.

We look forward to filling that void with amazing news and content for the millions of potential collegiate athletes & Olympians.

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