PlayerSearch is the first sports focused search engine of its kind.  The proliferation of great sports websites, blogs and on-line video has made it impossible for sports fans to track even a fraction of the media coverage available on their favorite sports players or teams.

PlayerSearch addresses this problem by doing the searching for our users, presenting them with more news, video and other sports information while saving them time. With over 80 million visitors to sports sites in the U.S., there is currently no other website available that aggregates and makes searchable the best sports news and video from around the web.


MyPlayerSearch is the first personalized sports page of its kind. Users can select from over 1,400 of the best sports news and video feeds available.  MyPlayerSearch makes it incredibly easy for users to fully personalize the sports content they want to follow every day, including their favorite teams, fantasy sports players or events such as the steroids scandal or spygate.

PlayerSearch searches more sports focused content across the web than any other search engine including Google.  Sports news, video and stats that used to be part of the "deep web" are brought to the surface and immediately available at the press of a search button.  In addition to providing this highly targeted sports content on our own website, we provide white-label search services to networks and individual sites as well as news and stat widgets that users or site owners can embed in their own website.

Here are some examples of how leading sports companies are already benefiting from the great sports content provided by PlayerSearch: 

Network Search

PlayerSearch is helping drive traffic to FantasyPlayers network of 100+ sports websites to increase page views and advertising revenue for Fantasy Sports Ventures (FSV) and its affiliates. FSV is the leading vertical ad network for sports and benefits from PlayerSearch in several ways.  First, FSV runs its ads on and both sides share the ad revenue earned.  Second, FSV's affiliates receive traffic from PlayerSearch generating additional ad revenue for its affiliates and FSV.  Third, FSV can now offer its affiliates higher CPMs on its ads as well as additional traffic from PlayerSearch.  Finally, PlayerSearch provides the type of high quality user interface, compelling content and reach that brand advertisers are looking for.


Site Search

Leading sports publishers such as KFFL and SportsBuff are rolling out white label versions of PlayerSearch's Site Search to help their readers find content on their own website as well as from around the web.  PlayerSearch Site Search adds an engaging tool to websites to keep users coming back more often.  The search results are designed to drive traffic back to the publishers site by placing their player news and web links at the top of the search results.

Sport, Team or Player Focused News Widgets

PlayerSearch currently searches over 1,400 sports focused news and video feeds from around the web.  By categorizing these feeds by sport, league and team, PlayerSearch can provide highly targeted content to sports sites. For example, most local newspapers provide great coverage of their local sports teams but don't have the editorial staff to cover other teams in those leagues.  PlayerSearch can provide these headlines allowing the local newspaper to provide more content to their users and increase page views and ad revenue.


Player Stat Widgets

PlayerSearch tracks numerous performance related statistics for players across all major sports.  These stats are provided in widgets that can be embedded in any website, blog, social network site or start page.  These portable stat widgets enable sports websites or bloggers to easily embed PlayerSearch stats in their articles to add richness to otherwise pure text based articles. Sports fans can also track their favorite players stats from wherever they spend their time on-line.

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