First to Offer Branded Draft Analyzer

Advanced Sports Media was the first company to offer a branded version of its draft software in partnership with major media companies.  Four years later, the Draft Analyzer is sold by 4 of the top 6 largest fantasy football sites. has marketed and sold the Draft Analyzer since the 2005 NFL season and has helped make the Draft Analyzer the number one selling draft tool in all of fantasy sports.

ESPN began marketing and selling the ESPN Draft Analyzer in 2007, ESPN provided tremendous value to its customers by enabling them to use the Draft Analyzer with their free mock draft lobby so they could practice with the Draft Analyzer against live competition prior to their real draft.

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Partnerships include many of the most well respected names in sports
Advanced Sports Media has key partnerships with more leading on-line sports companies than all of its direct competitors combined.  We focus on developing great software, so we partner with some of the most respected publishers of sports content such as ESPN,, KFFL, RotoWire, Athlons/Grogans Sports and others. 

Site Search
PlayerSearch Site Search makes it easier for your users to find the content they are searching for on your site.  These search results can also include rich media such as video and player charts to improve the utility of your site and keep your users coming back more often.

The Draft Analyzer is integrated into ESPN and through a set of private APIs that enable users to download league settings and participate in live on-line drafts with each site.

Brand Sponsorship
DirecTV was the exclusive sponsor of the ESPN Draft Analyzer which got its brand in front of thousands of highly engaged sports fans

Sports Content
Many of the top fantasy sports companies provide their expert sports content in the PlayerSearch search results or Draft Analyzer software to provide their content in the context of the variety of ways users want to consume this type of information.
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